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Recover Independence In Your Own Home

Our Occupational Therapists can help you recover and maintain independence in the comfort of your own home after injury or illness.

We have worked with clients of all ages after:

  • Stroke

  • Acquired and traumatic brain injury

  • Perhipheral nerve injury

  • Joint replacements

  • Degenerative disorders related to aging

  • Traumatic events, PTSD

  • Many other impairments affecting independence

Start Your Home-Based Recovery Today!

Call Us for a Free Phone Assessment

How It Works

1. Free Assessment (30-60 Minute Phone Call)

We first conduct a Free 30-60 Minute Phone Interview to assess your needs and make preliminary recommendations. We will not recommend our services if we believe they are not needed or will not help you recover.

2. Independence Recovery Plan (First Visit)

We work with you and your family to create an aggressive, but realistic, Independence Recovery Plan that consists of goals and treatment schedule. Our treatment plans incorporate only evidence-based treatments and equipment. We do not use treatments that lack firm clinical evidence of positive outcomes.

3. Treatment Sessions (Usually 1-2 Hours, Several Times Per Week)

Based on your acceptance of the Independence Recovery Plan, a therapist will meet you in your home on a scheduled basis and take you through your rehabilitation program. The therapist will usually assign you "homework" to be completed daily. The therapist may also recommend you purchase, or lease, equipment that will improve your recovery.

4. Regular Assessment (Weekly)

Every week, we will make sure you are happy with our services. If we feel our treatments are not benefiting you, our therapists may recommend alternate treatments that may or may not involve us. Your recovery is our main priority, no matter who treats you.

"After my stroke, the Glenrose didn't have room for me, so I've been working on standing and moving my arm with Janice from Home OT. It's been 4 weeks, and I'm doing great."

74 year old patient, January 2017

Treatment and Equipment

Licensed Occupational Therapists

We employ only licensed Occupational Therapists (OT). All our OTs have backgrounds in treatment of patients in hospital, home and long-term care settings. All have University degrees in Occupational Therapy.

Evidence-Based Rehabilitation Equipment

Depending on your needs, we may bring the following equipment to your house on treatment days. We frequently use equipment like the following:

Studies suggest that high-intensity treatment

started as soon as possible

improves outcome after stroke

How Much Does It Cost

Initial Assessment:


Plan, Treatment, Assessments:



Free within Edmonton city limits

$50/session within 50 km of City of Edmonton


As needed (only with your approval)

Frequently Asked Questions

Is this Covered By Alberta Health Services?

No. We are a private business specializing in in-home rehabilitation, and are not covered by AHS.

Does my insurance (e.g. Blue Cross) cover your costs?

Possibly, but you will need to contact your insurance company to find out at time of assessment.


Do you guarantee I will make a full recovery?

No. We will be realistic, but aggressive with your recovery. Studies show that the more enthusiastic you are with your recovery, the better your outcome. If we feel we aren't helping you to our satisfaction, we will recommend a different treatment program that may not involve our services.


Can I quit anytime?



How can I Pay?

We accept all major credit cards and bank eTransfer. Sorry, we do not accept personal checks.

Contact Us

Home OT

780 932-6149

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