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Is Occupational Therapy right for you?

"Occupational therapy is a type of health care that helps to solve the problems that interfere with a person’s ability to do the things that are important to them – everyday things like:

  • Self-care - getting dressed, eating, moving around the house,

  • Being productive - going to work or school, participating in the community, and

  • Leisure activities - sports, gardening, social activities."  -CAOT 

Occupational Therapists are regulated health professionals who work with you and your family to help you learn or re-learn everyday activities, increase your mobility, and foster a safe environment to help you rediscover your independence and ability to thrive at home and in your community. 

Client-centred assessment & Treatment

Following an initial interview and a functional assessment in your home or community, the Occupational Therapist will create a personalized plan tailored to your needs and goals. 


Our client-centered approach to rehabilitation is designed to help you:

  • Enhance the skills needed to perform activities of daily life

  • Develop new strategies to overcome deficits

  • Increase participation in your home and community

Home environment assessment, Equipment & Assistive Devises

The Home environment assessment involves a walk-through of your home and/or community space with the Occupational Therapist to identify safety concerns with space setup, design, and accessibility.  The Occupational Therapist will then offer suggestions on equipment and/or assistive devices for maximal function and independence.


The Occupational Therapist can provide assistance with funding applications for BC Rebate for Accessible Home Adaptations (BC RAHA) to help make your home more accessible and safe.

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